Anti Bacterial Coating


Wybone sackholders come with a standard antibacterial coating helping minimise cross infection and the spread of disease.

Bacteria are in our environment constantly. They are in the air that we breathe and on the surfaces that we touch. Some bacteria play an essential role in promoting health and well-being but ther are many other bacteria that cause disease and infection. Control of these unhealthy bacteria is becoming of increasing concern particularly in healthcare,
food hygiene and domestic environment.

BACTIBAN has been independently tested against a range of bacteria and has found to be effective against them. BACTIBAN can provide an effective secondary support to existing cleaning regimes in the fight against baterial contamination.

Silver is a well documentated bactericide which is not harmful to human health and does not promote resistance in the bacterium. When in contact with a bacterium silver is absorbed by the bacterium and through a range of actions that destroys cellular function the viability of the organism ceases.

To maintain long term anti-bateria action the coating delivers a constant and controlled release of silver ions. this release of silver ions remains active for periods in excess of 10 years dependent upon the functional environment.