MV/35C XL Circular Closed Top Litter Bin

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The MV/35C XL Circular Closed Top Litter Bin, is a larger version of our the classic MV/35C Circular Closed Top Litter Bin. This rounded extra large street litter bin is manufactured from premium quality galvanised steel and powder coated for added corrosion resistance. The bin comes with a hinged self locking door that is easily opened using a standard issue T shaped key.

The MV/35C XL Circular Closed Top Litter Bin offers an extra large 135 litre capacity and premium quality internal galvanised steel liner to make collection and disposal of waste an easy task. The wide apertures make it easy to throw away large items such as takeaway wrappers and pizza boxes, and the ashtray to the top of the unit reduces the risk of damage to the bin from people trying to stub out cigarettes on the lid.

The bin comes pre-drilled for easy ground fixing with rawl bolts and has a weight of 55kg so it is sturdy and provides a durable unit for collecting litter. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Shown in the images with optional Easyfit ashtray and in bespoke bronze colour with perforations; this unit is available in any standard powder coating colour with a range of vinyl or laser cut lettering options.

Capacity Height Diameter
135 litres 1040mm 621mm

We manufacture all of our products from scratch at our factory in South Yorkshire. Each item is handcrafted to the highest specification, with lots of Wybone TLC. We estimate that this item will be with you within 2-3weeks from receipt of payment.

Orders placed before 1PM are processed the same working day, otherwise they are processed the next working day.

Wybone MV35C XL Circular Litter Bin with perforations
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  • 1 Body Colour Included

  • 2 Smoking & Gum Options As Priced

  • Easyfit Ashtray Top

    RETRO/AT £59.00

    Circular galvanised powder coated steel ashtrays available in gold or silver. Includes counter balance system so no keys are required.

  • Stubber Plate

    STUBBER/SS £18.99

    Plate for stubbing out cigarettes and preventing unsightly marks on bins.

  • 3 Text Options As Priced

  • 4 Artwork Options As Priced

  • 5 Optional Extras As Priced

  • Vinyl Banding

    BAND £24.00

    Two vinyl bands around the circumference of the bin. One at the top and one at the bottom.

  • Steel Beading

    BEAD £25.00 each

    Steel beading riveted onto the bin, powder coated in gold as standard.

  • Anti-Fly Poster Dimples

    DIMP £25.00

    Dimples to all sides of the unit to prevent fly posters being stuck to the surface.

  • Perforations

    PERF £32.00

    Decorative perforations punched out of all sides of the unit. Discourages fly-posting.

  • Rat Modification

    RATMOD £44.99

    A raised liner allows room for a rat baiting station. The baiting boxes are sold separately and are not included in the price of the modifications.

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MV/35C XL Circular Closed Top Litter Bin

Wybone MV35C XL Circular Litter Bin with perforations


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