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Wybone design and manufacture litter bins & street furniture across the UK and overseas.

From healthcare bins, litter and recycling bins, to benches and flower planters, our extensive range of products is a testament to all the customers we have served for over 50 years. Each product is manufactured by the most talented hands in the country, backed by a team striving to do more.

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New Glasgow Bin Hubs Help Tackle Waste Management In The City

In a new transformative change to the city of Glasgow, the city has been keen to revolutionise waste management solutions with new, efficient bin hubs that have found unprecedented success. 

Compass Litter Bin in black on a public footpath.

Wybone Rescues School That Suffers Major Fire Damage 

In 2015, St Dominic’s Primary School in Scotland suffered major fire damage that destroyed the school. Now with a new building completed, they reached out for our help with providing outdoor school bins.

Pizza wasting away of a white plate.

Understanding The Impact Of Food Waste On The Environment

In 2019, 40% of food waste in the UK ended up in landfill. This costs the Earth, as food left to rod in landfills produces methane, a potent gas that harms the environment. But what are we doing to help?

5 Tips For Effective Recycling In Public Spaces

222.2 millions of UK waste was thrown away in 2018. That’s a lot of waste to account for. We’re passionate about recycling at Wybone, that’s why this article gives you 5 tips for effective recycling in public spaces.