5 Reasons why you should buy glass fibre composite bins

January 25, 2016

As you know, Wybone specialises in the design and manufacture of litter bins; we offer a range of materials to suit every environment and requirement. One of our specialties is our exclusive mix of glass fibre composite, used to manufacture litter bins, grit bins and planters. We can think of at least 5 reasons why you should buy glass fibre composite bins:

  1. They will never (ever, ever) rust
  2. They’re not affected by extremes of weather or temperature
  3. They offer high impact strength (some of our GFC bins have been in situ for 20 years and they’re still going strong!)
  4. They have a low carbon footprint (we’re doing our bit!)
  5. They offer substantial fire protection and the textured finish discourages graffiti and posters

The technical stuff

A core material is encapsulated using fire retardant glass fibre polyester resins. This creates a strong and durable bin, ready to face the elements! All of our GFC products offer substantial fire protection conforming to BS 476 part 6 and 7, fire rated at Class 1/0 Building Regulations.

The proof

Our GFC bins are rigorously tested to ensure their strength and durability. Our tough Production Manager, Paul performs a ‘hammer test’ to demonstrate their resilience. Don’t worry, no bins were harmed in the making of this video.

The finish

Textured or smooth finishes are available in any British Standard or RAL colour. Our signature style is the Victoriana, which features hand painted gold banding for a truly classic finish, perfect for seaside’s and old town areas with a traditional look.

Our favourites

  • We think our 224 litre Glass Fibre Composite Grit Salt Bin offers a cost effective option, often chosen by councils and local authorities. It is both lightweight and strong, and we think it looks great in residential or public areas. They’re currently on offer reduced from £191.99 to £172.79
  • Our WDB/7D Timber Fronted Dog Waste Bin looks great in parks and open spaces. The timber front gives it a natural appearance making it fit perfectly into green surroundings.
  • This LBV/20 Litter Bin can be tailored to meet any requirements. Multiple colour and aperture options are available, as well as ashtray, gum chute and rat modifications.
  • This Triangular Victoriana Flower Planter is great for utilising small spaces and helps provide a beautiful focal point in public areas and open spaces. It can be manufactured in a range of colours and customised with logos. Prices start from just £202.99.

What else?

If you’re looking for something more modern, we have a great range of polythene and galvanised steel products. Take a look around and call us for a chat if you want to discuss your requirements.

We also like to discuss other Yorkshire things like pie & peas or cups of tea. Whatever takes your fancy really!

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