Wybone MLB/112 XL: Big enough to swallow the Millennium Falcon and a 14 inch pizza box!

February 5, 2015

If you’re not familiar with our MLB/112

The MLB/112 is one of our most popular litter bins, designed to offer a premier metallic option for waste bin solutions in the UK.

Our MLB range comes in a wide variation of sizes, capacities and finishes to compliment streets, parks, roads and other green spaces.

So what’s new?

We know street space can be limited, especially in city centres where pedestrian footfall is high, so we took the MLB/112 that our customers know and love, and we increased the capacity whilst keeping the same great design and small footprint!

What makes it so special?

Our friends at the council often tell us that finding a bin that can fit a large pizza box through the aperture can be a real struggle. Not with a Wybone bin! Our MLB bins have large standard apertures to accommodate all kinds of rubbish, even a 14” pizza box or two!

In fact, our MLB/112 XL with its new 145 litre capacity is big enough to swallow the Millennium Falcon! Don’t believe us? See for yourself in our picture below. Now how’s that for a big stomach?!