BMB2/40 Bins for Beckenham

February 8, 2014

Bromley Council has ordered our BMB2/40 Barnsley litter and recycling units for use in and around Beckenham. The council has specified the bins be in banks of 4 units, bolted together to form a recycling point for the collection of newspapers & magazines, plastic bottles, cans and general waste.

The bins all feature the Beckenham crest logo, along with white banding and anti-fly poster dimples to give a striking look. The clever door arrangement and full length stainless steel rod hinge means the BMB2/40’s can be grouped together in a bank like this, but the doors still open fully, giving access to the galvanised steel liner.

The units have apertures to all four sides for maximum waste collection with the target of increasing Beckenham’s recycling rates. The bright waste stream labels make it really clear what waste should go in each unit, to help reduce cross contamination of waste streams.

The BMB2/40’s are manufactured from powder coated galvanised steel, ensuring strength and corrosion resistance. These units, as with all our steel bins, come with our ten-year anti-perforation warranty as standard, giving added peace of mind.

Beckenham 1

Beckenham 2

Beckenham 3


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