Box Cycle Recycling Bins for Helsinki University

May 11, 2015

The University of Helsinki had a requirement for transparent recycling bins as part of a ‘waste exhibition’ taking place in the lobbies of the University buildings. Lauri Äystö, University Co-ordinator explained, “a group of students came up with the idea for a ‘waste exhibition’. The idea was that there should be transparent bins to demonstrate the proper sorting of various wastes and to also show the volume of waste created by the University.”

“I started looking for transparent recycling bins and very quickly found Wybone. We particularly liked the Box Cycles because they were colour coded, very reasonably priced and could be modified to fit our needs.”

Wybone accepted the brief from the University and modified the Box Cycles to create bespoke units. The bodies were manufactured in galvanised steel with one transparent panel to enable the users to view the waste stream and the volume.

The units were free standing so that they could be moved around with ease, and with removable bodies to allow them to be easily cleaned. Bespoke message boards were fitted to clearly identify waste streams and bespoke apertures were created to indicate the bins’ use.

Lauri continued, “It was no problem for us that Wybone did not have distributors in Finland as Vicky Ibbotson (External Sales Coordinator, Wybone) was very helpful and easy to contact by phone and email. “



“When the bins arrived in Helsinki we were happy with the quality and functionality. We specifically asked for only one transparent panel in the units so that we can turn them around to hide the waste stream, if needed.”

“In short, we are very happy with the bins and the service from Wybone.”


Our Box Cycle range comes in a choice of colours, sizes, apertures and artwork options.

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