Bristol Southmead Hospital chooses Wybone

June 8, 2015

In 2014, Wybone won the tendering process to produce over 5,000 sackholders for the newly opened Brunel Building at Bristol Southmead Hospital. The tender was won based on the Hybrid Wybone Sackholder; a healthcare waste bin that combines a plastic base with a metal lid and Plastisol body. The combination of materials provides high levels of fire protection and corrosion resistance, ideal for use in hospitals.

Esther Coffin-Smith from the procurement team at Southmead spoke with Hospital Bulletin about the selection process; “We mainly chose Wybone because we wanted a bin that had anti-rust properties but one we could use magnetic labels on. They were also able to site all the bins and remove their waste.”

A total of 5,499 bins were provided to the hospital, including 5,345 white Hybrid Sackholders in mixed sizes, 148 confidential waste bins and 6 Torpedo Triple recycling units for use in the public concourse areas and staff restaurant.

Esther said, “We chose the rust free alternative as we don’t want to risk marking the floors of our new hospital.”

The hospital chose the all white version of the Hybrid Sackholders so that they could quickly change the waste streams with our Magnetic Flip Labels when required.

Esther continued, “We have 75% single patient rooms and each has four of the 28 litre bins – two in the en suite and two in the main room. If a patient becomes infected we’ll use the metallic label. For an infected patient, all the bins are lined with an orange sack and a magnetic orange label placed on top which covers the existing label.”

Wybone also managed the siting of the 5,499 bins at the hospital. This included the delivery of all units to the hospital, the removal of waste and packaging, and the positioning of each bin within the hospital wards and treatment rooms.


The opening of the new facility only allowed for a short lead time on the production of the bins, meaning that Wybone had to manufacture 400 units per day to complete the order in time. Richard Cooper, Wybone’s Managing Director explained, “Our state of the art manufacturing facility and highly skilled staff enabled us to complete the manufacture of this order in just 13 days, timed perfectly to allow for our team to site the units in time for the hospital’s opening date.”

Watch the video to see how we produced over 5,000 units in just 13 days.

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