Wybone British Manufacturing

At Wybone we’re proud to say that we are a British manufacturer and that we source sustainable, British materials wherever possible. Our range of galvanised steel litter bins are manufactured using premium quality, British sourced steel and they’re expertly primed and powder coated before leaving our factory in Barnsley, South Yorkshire.

We offer a range of products made up of three manufacturing sections that include galvanised steel, glass fibre composite and foot pedal operated sackholder bins.

Our skilled engineers finish every product by hand and each individual item is quality checked before leaving our factory, to ensure it arrives in perfect condition.

You can see our manufacturing processes in the videos below, which show our galvanised steel products and our foot pedal sackholders being brought to life from just one piece of steel.


In this metalwork production video, we see our highly skilled engineering team use our specialised machinery to cut and shape our litter bin. We see this metal carcass welded and powder coated to become our flagship litter bin.

We offer a bespoke service here at Wybone; as seen on the video, optional extras can be fitted such as gold banding and cigarette stubber plates.

As part of our quality assurance, the micron thickness of the powder coating is also checked at the end to ensure a high quality product is sent to our customers. Take a look at our external range of metal litter bins here.

We’ve been manufacturing clinical waste bins since 1973, and have successfully held the contract for the supply of sackholders to the NHS since 1998. Our range of sackholders are available in metal, plastic or a hybrid combination of both materials.

Our sackholders are made up of three main components – the pedals, lids and frames. This video shows our highly skilled team shaping these individual parts, which are then ready to be fixed together on the assembly line. Did you know that we paint these clinical waste bins in your choice of colour? Visit our healthcare page for more information.

We’ve been manufacturing glass fibre products since 1982, using a technique exclusively developed by Wybone whereby a core material is encapsulated using fire retardant glass fibre polyester resins.

This video shows a wooden carcass built from scratch and then carefully sprayed with glass fibre composite resins to form a hardwearing litter bin. These are then hand-painted and beautifully finished by our skilled team – some of which have worked in this department for over 40 years!

Glass fibre composite is ideally suited for street furniture due to its strength and durability and is completely unaffected by extreme weather conditions and salt water. Did you know all of our GFC products are made from 65% renewable resources? Take a look at our external range of glass fibre composite litter bins here.