Recruitment Agencies


Permanent Recruitment:

At Wybone we prefer to recruit direct if at all possible and most people who work here, applied to us directly.  We get numerous calls from recruitment agencies, and we can’t keep in touch with all of you, although we recognise the interest you have in us.
We understand that you have candidates, which you feel match what we are recruiting for, and that you think will be of interest to us.

Temporary/Fixed Term Roles:

If we require temporary staff, then once again we strive to recruit directly.  However should we utilise the services of an agency, then we would look to work with those who have provided their details – but that are happy for us to make the contact!


So here’s what you’ll need to do:

  • Firstly, make sure the candidate is suitably experienced and skilled, and this matches the job description for the role   advertised.
  • You need to have met the individual personally and interviewed them – as well as having taken up references for them.
  • You need to submit the candidates CV and covering letter, which must be unaltered – This bit is important to us, as we want this to come from the candidate – not you!
  • Only send details of your best candidate – not the whole bunch!  We only want to hear about your superstars!

We will then make contact with you, if any candidates are of interest to us!


What will happen if you call?

We will refer you to this page.  We do not take cold calls from recruitment agencies, so please don’t call us.


What if I ignore what’s on this page?

If you do call or email us constantly, and if you don’t follow our guidelines, we’ll have to blacklist your agency and we don’t really want to resort to this!
However, we absolutely want to give our priority to people who apply to us because they want to work for Wybone.  While we understand you are just doing your job, and want to help us, we ask that you respect the way in which we handle recruitment at Wybone.