Case Study:

Junction 32 Shopping Centre

February 13, 2015

The Problem

The popular shopping destination, Junction 32 Outlet Shopping Village was looking for some new recycling units to boost their recycling rates. The centre found that their existing litter bins were no longer meeting their needs. The bins had to be emptied often as they weren’t big enough to cope with the high volumes of traffic the shopping village experiences.

Junction 32 needed new units which could collect both general litter and that for recycling something that the shoppers would be able to identify easily and which would encourage correct use; they also needed to collect a full days’ worth of waste.

The Solution

ISO 4001 accredited Junction 32 Outlet Shopping Village came to us looking for the perfect units to collect both general litter and mixed recycling. The units needed to be environmentally friendly but also long lasting and sustainable.

The LBV/24R was selected as the perfect product, as it is environmentally friendly and has the capacity required to cope with the high footfall experienced at the Shopping Village. Manufactured from Glass Fibre Composite (GFC) the units are constructed from 65% renewable resources and have the unique ability to be refurbished, meaning they have an extremely long life span.

The LBV/24R’s feature two galvanised steel liners, each with a capacity of 112 litres allowing for the collection of large volumes of litter and recyclables.

The Result

The staff at Junction 32 took delivery of their recycling units before Christmas and they have been out on the mall being used by shoppers for several weeks now. The units are brightly coloured and really stand out, making them easy to locate and this has decreased the amount of litter being dropped; Cleaning and maintenance staff have commented on a noticeable reduction in litter and cigarette ends being seen around the centre since siting the new units even during the busy festive period.

‘We find that customers are using the bins correctly, they’re working really well customers are recycling what they can and the malls are staying free from litter; we’re really impressed!’

Lynn Ward, Deputy Centre Manager

Lynn also described how the units were working well in terms of capacity, their old units used to have to be emptied regularly, more than once a day.

‘We only have to empty the bins once a day at most and that’s been over Christmas when we’re extremely busy’

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