Case Study:

Northamptonshire NHS Trust

February 13, 2015

The Problem

There are currently no official guidelines for the standards required for clinical and domestic waste bins in metal health areas. Some Trusts have been advised that the use of plastic bags inside bins should be avoided, as they can be dangerous for patients and even lead to suffocation in extreme cases.

Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Trust needed a secure waste bin for their mental health areas that would solve this problem but also be easy to clean and that can be fixed to the wall.

The Solution

Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Trust came to us for the solution and we created a new ‘Mental Health Waste Bin’ for them. This new type of clinical waste bin incorporates all the features of our standard metal waste bins but with a secure chute on to the lid. The chute can be easily opened to allow waste to be deposited but also prevents anyone accessing the bag or waste inside the unit.

The unit features an easy clean removable plastisol body with bag clips inside to prevent any overhang on the outside. It also has a push lock for security and rubber feet to prevent marking of the floor. Special brackets allow for wall fixing when required.


Initial feedback from Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Trust is excellent and a batch of trial units has been ordered prior to the roll out of the units to a range of hospitals within the Trust.

“These mental health waste bins are ideal for use on our wards and have everything we’re looking for.”

Lianne Smart
Infection Control Nurse Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Trust 

Mental Health Bin 1 Mental Health Bin 2