Case Study:

Queensgate Shopping Centre

August 28, 2015

Queensgate Shopping Centre - Wybone Case Study


Queensgate shopping centre, in Peterborough, Cambridgeshire is home to over 90 stores and retailers. Opened in 1982, it has been the focal point of the city centre, located in the heart of the city overlooking the stunning cathedral. The centre attracts in excess of 16 million consumers per annum.

The centre has environmental sustainability as one of its core management functions, winning awards for its processes and practices.

The Solution

Wybone manufactures a large range of waste and recycling units, perfect for any environment. The chosen design – our Torpedo Triple Recycling Unit – offers 3 segregated waste streams in one elegantly designed unit, perfect for modern shopping centres and other busy public areas.

The stylish unit comes with a sloping top to discourage items being placed on top of the bin and has magnetic catch double doors for quick and easy emptying. Three separate compartments collect multiple waste streams, keeping it segregated for easy disposal.

In addition to the standard waste streams, the units can also be fitted with a liquid collection tube for the disposal of drinks.

The units can be completely customised to incorporate brand colours and logos and optional transparent panels can be fitted to display the waste streams in security-sensitive areas.

The Problem

The shopping centre sees over 16 million visitors each year and was challenged with introducing a waste recycling scheme that would support one of its core management functions – environmental sustainability.

A consumer facing recycling scheme was to be introduced with the intention of collecting even more recyclable material, as well as being able to influence consumer behaviour change within the centre.


The bespoke Torpedo Recycling Units were manufactured at Wybone’s state-of-the-art factory in South Yorkshire, incorporating the Queensgate logo onto each unit. The modern design compliments the shopping centre’s surroundings perfectly and provides a clear focal point for shoppers to dispose of their waste.

When the new recycling scheme was launched a total of 76 Torpedo Units were placed throughout the upper and lower levels of the shopping centre, bus station and centre car parks. The shopping centre also placed Double Torpedo Recycling units in the car parks and Single Torpedo Units in the staff areas.

A range of waste streams are being collected, including plastic bottles, papers, general waste and liquids.

The Facts

The customer participation has been very positive, with the bins typically being emptied three times per day within the centre.

  • The units collect in excess of 674 tonnes of recyclable material annually
  • 320 tonnes of the total collected comes from the shopping centre itself
  • 156 tonnes are collected in the car parks
  • 198 tonnes are collected in the bus station

The implementation of the recycling units has contributed significantly towards Queensgate’s goal to achieve a 100% recycling rate and zero waste to landfill.

In 2008, the shopping centre had a 30% recycling rate and this has now increased to 99% in 2015.

When the units were implemented in 2011, the costs for disposing of these 674 tonnes to landfill would have been £33,000 and the costs of disposing Dry Mixed Recycling (DMR) would have been £14,000. Following the implementation of the Torpedo units across the shopping centre, the cost savings have been £19,000 per annum. This saving continues to increase over time as landfill fees increase.


The 2015 cost of disposing of 674 tonnes of waste to landfill is £55,672 and £27,800 for the disposal of Dry Mixed Recyclables.

The value of Dry Mixed Recyclables is approximately £50, depending upon the formulation of the material. Assuming this figure to be a median price, the volume of material which Queensgate collects annually could be valued at £33,700 per annum.

The Outcome

As a result of this project, payback for the Torpedo units was achieved within 24 months of the recycling scheme being fully implemented, coupled with the impressive landfill diversion rates.

Queensgate now has a fully integrated waste and recycling programme, engaging both consumers and retailers alike and has introduced the ‘Growing Greener pledge scheme’ for retailers within the centre, which focuses on all aspects of environmental usage such as energy and water consumption as well as waste management.

The centre has been recognised by the National Recycling Awards for its implementation of the programme and is an exemplar centre for its waste handling.

Shopping centre Environmental Manager, Carol Wakelin said “The Torpedo units have been well received and assist with waste segregation by customers. The bins have provided the additional support for Queensgate to achieve zero waste to landfill. This reflects the continuation of Queensgate’s sustainable culture which is embedded within the entire team”