Case Study:

The Mall Shopping Centre

February 13, 2015

The Problem: 

Bins at the Mall were as old as the shopping centre itself and after twenty years of use were no longer fit for purpose. Changing environmental priorities also meant the waste streams being collected weren’t making the best of the materials being disposed of. Bosses at the Mall wanted to increase the amount of rubbish being recycled and send less to landfill. Mark Broadhead is general manager there, he wanted a product with presence and flexibility that would also enhance the overall branding of the centre.

The Solution:

After accessing the Mall’s needs it became clear Wybone’s Torpedo Triple was the answer. Sleek and modern in design it fits in with the look of the shopping centre, whilst its user-friendliness makes main- taining and cleaning trouble-free. A key concern was ease of use because when asking the public to dispose of rubbish in a particular way, the simpler the process, the more successful the outcome.


After monitoring the types of rubbish being thrown away by shoppers three main waste streams were decided upon – general waste, paper and plastics. The response was almost immediate. Shoppers took to the new system and began using it correctly.

The Results:

From 2009 to 2011 the Mall has increase its recycling rates from 67% to 91 – that’s an increase of around 25%. Mark Broadhead thinks the results are a great achievement over a two-year period and also a job well done as far as the way the public have perceived and utilised the Torpedo. The product fits in with the corporate responsibility of any company to try and minimise its costs and also the impact it has on the environment.

The Customer:

Mark Broadhead is general manager at the Mall in Barnsley he says: “This is an excellent looking product that ticked all the boxes. In respect to the service I received from Wybone both pre-selection and since, it’s been very supportive. More importantly it’s a company that listens to what the customer wants, suggest and therefore adapts the product to suit those requirements and if that level of service was offered by every supplier we have, our lives would be a lot simpler.”

A year after installation and how are things going…”You look at the Torpedo’s and they’re still pristine. Part of the criteria for having them was the functionality of the bins, for my team on site to be able to service them. They love them compared to what they had previously. They are so easy, so robust and make their life a lot easier.”

Mall Barnsley 1 Mall Barnsley 2 Mall Barnsley 3