Case Study:

The Strobe Report

February 25, 2016

Wrap Cyrmu

In January 2013, Wrap Cyrmu issued a tender seeking to trial an innovative recycling container which was unlike anything currently on the market. At Wybone Limited, we thrive on the opportunity to design new and exciting containers and were delighted to be appointed the preferred supplier for this tender. Our design team set about creating a container which could engage with its users and influence both behavior change and enhance recycling rates. The result is ‘The Strobe’, a truly unique container, designed to engage with the user and boost recycling rates.

The results were astonishing…

For the period between June and October 2013, the total volume of material collected between both Universities was 3.59 tonnes! To give you an idea, one tonne is the equivalent of 25,000 plastic bottles! Given that the time frame of this study was during the summer holidays the volumes of material collected were extremely high.

Not only did the Strobe collect high volumes of material but it collected a massive 88% of clean, high quality recyclate.  The strobe proved beyond doubt that it has the ability to engage with its users, collect high volumes of material but more importantly, collect minimal contamination. Something that all recycling containers aspire to achieve but don’t necessarily do!

In addition to the monitored trial, a consumer survey was conducted to understand what the users thought of the Strobe.

The survey revealed that 60% of people thought the interactive abilities of the container would influence them to recycle more.

The report concludes,  “Taking all of the key findings into consideration and recognising that over the entire trial period, the Strobe container achieved an 88% recycling rate, it is proven that the container and the trial as a whole was a huge success.”

Read the full report here.


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