Celebrating 75 Years of The NHS: Wybone Reflects On Their Greatest NHS Projects

July 4, 2023

We mention a lot about our work with the NHS. And for good reason.

The NHS are the heroes of our country.

The warmth, safety and solutions they provide go unmatched. They save lives. They change lives. And they do this every day.

That’s why we’re here to celebrate the NHS and its 75 years of service by reflecting on our greatest NHS projects.

We did something unexpected during the pandemic...

Covid-19: a period that almost everyone would like to forget. 

For the NHS, it was a pivotal time. They worked around the clock to save lives and fight against the outbreak.

Meanwhile, the world stopped for many businesses up and down the country.

But at Wybone, we knew we didn’t want to stop doing what we do best – manufacturing. That’s when our Managing Director, Richard, made the tough decision to cease production on the successful sheet metal and glass fibre departments to focus our efforts solely on providing the NHS with PPE bins.

And by doing so, our workload doubled.

During the country’s first lockdown in 2020, we delivered approximately 16,000 of our RFG products, and about 13,000 of our capsule units between the 16th of March to the 10th of July.

We delivered over 3000 bins in 5 weeks to the new Royal Liverpool University Hospital

Liverpool University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust is a trailblazer in clinical studies and cutting-edge medicine.

Their new Royal Hospital works to revolutionise the healthcare industry. By being the biggest hospital in the country with 640 beds with en-suite facilities, 18 state-of-the-art operating theatres for both inpatient and day-case surgery and 40 critical care beds for patients in ICU, Wybone was selected and tasked to manufacture a total of 3346 bins.

What’s more, we placed these on-site by nine of our staff who did so in rotating teams of three.

The passion and efficiency of our staff allowed the project to finish one week earlier than originally planned.

We travelled far up North to deliver bins to NHS Orkney

In 2019, our delivery drivers found themselves at Balfour Hospital, located on the Orkney Islands, just off the coast of mainland Scotland (right at the top!). 

This was an exciting project for us because the hospital was still in production when we supplied 1,100 sack holders four years ago. Most importantly, it’s Scotland’s first net-zero hospital; an ambitious 65 million pound marvel for the NHS.

Rewinding to 2011, where we delivered over 8,000 bins to The Royal London Hospital

2011 was twelve years ago (crazy, we know!). And this was a year that involved us doing one of our first NHS siting jobs. 

Preparations were being made to open this brand new hospital as part of the Barts Health Trust, which opened its doors in 2012, just in time for the London Olympics. 

This major project will always be a memorable moment for us, as it ‘paved the way’ for many more NHS siting jobs we have carried out since then. 

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