Chocolate. Pens. And a whole lot of Networking. This was RWM 2023

September 15, 2023

The date was the 13th of September, 2023. It was a cloud-filled morning. The birds were chirping and the coffees were brewing. What followed was the collection of lanyards and the echoing beeping of badges being scanned and chatter being made.

It was RWM time. 

Months of preparation went into the event. Our office and factory staff collectively worked hard to ensure everything was in tip-top shape by September. 

We’ve been honoured to attend RWM many times in the past. But each year almost feels like the first time!

After all, it’s an event like no other. It’s an opportunity for us to bring our finest products on the stand for the (RWM) world to see. From coffee cup bins, wooden bins and fibreglass bins, we had it. And they were all surrounded by a cinema-themed stand: Wybone Entertainment. 

The first hour was electric. Before we knew it, we had groups of eager visitors on our stand, browsing our bins and pinching our chocolate (we knew this was a good idea!). 

For the next 2 days, our Northern Sales Managers, Emma and Ben, held the fort as they discussed all things litter bins with existing customers and new faces. 

If you visited our stand and you’re reading this, thanks for coming to see us – it means a lot. If Ben and Emma are reading this, get yourself sat down with a cuppa – you’ve earned it!