Community Groups “Get Tough on Litter” with new £300,000 Government Funding

August 24, 2018

This week the government have pledged a further £300,000 of funding for community projects to “Get Tough on Litter” as reported by our friends over at the CIWM.

Environment Minister Therese Coffey, announced the new funding after the first round proved a success, with councils, businesses and public projects awarded almost £125,000 to fight the war on litter.

Discussing the funding, which builds on the wider Litter Strategy for England, Minister Coffey said “this Government is tough on tackling litter which if left unchecked makes our towns and cities less pleasant places, poisons our wildlife and blights our countryside.”

“That is why we are providing grants of up to £10,000 for communities to come up with creative solutions to tackle litter in their local area and I encourage local groups to apply.”

This funding supports the recently launched 25 Year Environment Plan, which sets out how the Government will protect and enhance our natural environment.

Therese Coffey continued, “It is only through government and communities working together that we will affect long-term behavioural change that is needed to tackle this scourge, and leave the environment in a better state than we inherited it.”

Engaging the public and encouraging community efforts is key to cleaning up our streets and preventing the build-up of litter in the first place. We regularly work with councils and charity organisations to provide functional and stylish solutions to combat the litter problems faced by our beautiful country.

Communities Minister Rishi Sunak expressed her determination to get as many communities involved as possible and use this funding to make a real difference. “We are determined to make our cities, towns and countryside greener, cleaner and tidier environments for all.”

“Brilliant ideas to make that happen were realised with the first round of funding. Now we’re looking for people to come forward with inventive and impactful projects to build on that and our wider strategy to substantially reduce litter.”

At Wybone we make it our life’s work to manufacture beautiful and innovatively designed litter and recycling products to help organisations do their bit to keep areas clean of litter.

Successful projects named in the article, included measures to tackle littering by football fans and working with hauliers to reduce roadside litter; two projects that we produced purpose designed units for.

Earlier this year, we worked with environmental charity Hubbub, to support McDonalds with their grassroots football campaign. We designed and manufactured a large number of goal-style litter bins to encourage users to direct their litter and recycling into our brightly coloured bins, instead of on the grounds where they are playing.

These Goal Bins have proven a great success, and we’re happy to offer them as a customisable or standard product. Communities can use the bins to promote sponsorship and collect litter at the same time, whilst also improving the look of local parks and play areas.

You may also have spotted our Road Hog Roadside Litter Bins in the news as we worked with Hubbub again to promote their #DriveDownLitter campaign, which was supported by Vic Reeves and saw a number of our units used to reduce the amount of rubbish at service stations and on our roadsides.

The Road Hog Roadside Litter Bin is manufactured from premium quality galvanised steel and features a large hooded top to make depositing litter more convenient for lorries and high sided vehicles.

10% of this community fund has been solely dedicated to preventing marine litter, an issue that has been prominent in the news this year. Our reliance upon single-use plastic as a country, and indeed our use of plastic goods in general, has led to disturbing deterioration of our beaches and wildlife. Charities such as Hubbub and Keep Britain Tidy are working to provide initiatives that encourage people to clean up, and this year we’re pleased to have supported a small, local charity – Beach Clean Girl.

@BeachCleanGirl runs an environment conservation campaign to clean up beaches, and we were happy to help when she contacted us about our Dog Waste Bag Dispensers. You can read about her story in our Cleaning Up Your Coastlines article.

If you would like to read more about the organisations that we work with and the incentives we’ve been helping with, take a look at our news section or follow us on Twitter. If you need help with your campaigns and we can support you, feel free to contact us on 01226 352323 or email us at

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