Creating an easier outlet for paper cup recycling

October 13, 2017

An agreement to give more people access to paper cup recycling has been signed by the Alliance for Beverage Cartons and the Environment (ACE UK).

Due to start next year, all ACE UK recycling banks will now accept paper cups for recycling, with over 400 recycling points set to be allocated across the UK.

Disposable cups collected from these points will be processed at ACE UK’s recycling facility; the organisation is also working to include cups in local authority curbside collections.

More than 5,000 coffee cups are thrown away in the UK each minute, but only less than 1% of these are recycled. Coffee cups are difficult to recycle because they’re sealed with a plastic lining on the inside, which can’t be recycled with ordinary paper waste by local authorities.

We’re always thinking of new design ideas to make cup recycling more accessible, using separate sections for cups, lids and liquids with clear and informative vinyl artwork. We’re hoping that our cup recycling units can encourage users to make a more considerate decision with the disposal of their coffee cup.

Our most recent improvement is the addition of a sack retention frame on our Eco Cup Unit to keep the waste bag in place; this allows the bag to be filled to maximum capacity without falling inside the bin and makes emptying a more convenient task.

Our cup recycling units are both shaped like takeaway cups, manufactured from galvanised steel with rolled circular bodies and vacuum formed durable plastic lids.

The Deluxe Cup Recycling Unit has six internal tubes that stack the cups and lids, with a separate collection tube for liquid waste; this efficient way of collecting cups reduces their volume by up to 75%. When the lid is lifted, the tubes open at the bottom allowing the cups to fall directly into the waste bag.

The Eco Cup Recycling Unit has only three apertures for cups, lids and liquid waste, with a front facing sloped display board with cup recycling vinyl artwork. These three individual sections create segregated waste streams.

Both units add a contemporary feel to any environment, perfect for coffee shops, universities and shopping centres. With a choice of body colours, our bins can be designed to suit your requirements.

If you would like more information on our cup recycling range, feel free to give us a call on 01226 352333 or send us an email to

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