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As a major manufacturer of environmental products, Wybone are fully aware of the impacts which industry, commerce and other sectors have upon the environment at local, national and international level.

As part of its commitment to enhancing and protecting the environment, Wybone has in place an environmental policy that reflects these beliefs and values. Our policy outlines the ways in which we try to achieve our environmental goals. As a company, we shall:

  • Clearly understand our environmental impacts and where we can influence them.
  • Comply with relevant national legislation. Where no regulation exists, we shall set the standards in line with good environmental practice.
  • Reduce energy and water consumption. Increase recycling and re-use schemes. Buy from suppliers who have sound environmental policies.
  • Buy products whose environmental impacts are low (commensurate with acceptable performance). Product Manufacture Due to our policy of manufacturing the majority of products in house, emissions generated by the importation of products is therefore minimised.

Product Design

Our products are designed with longevity in mind and therefore reduce the impact upon the environment by having to constantly replace. We also offer a full refurbishment service and spare parts in a bid to keep our products performing in line with their design criteria.

Manufacturing Process
Raw materials are used for renewable sources from suppliers located as near as possible to our Head Office. All decisions regarding machinery include their carbon footprint which will be reduced wherever possible.

Transport & Distribution
Wybone ensure the most efficient forms of transport is used, using piggyback loading wherever possible. Wybone’s own vehicles are all Euro 3 compliant.

Company stationery and consumables are used which have a high recycled content. Wybone bulk-buy to reduce excessive packaging waste and purchase refilled, remanufactured or re-inked printers and ribbon consumables where possible.

Stationery and consumables are recycled through recognised routes. Computers and electronic equipment used has a “power down” feature to reduce energy demands. Low energy light fittings and lamps are used wherever possible. Rechargeable batteries are used in preference to non-rechargeable.

Waste Management
Raw materials and secondary packaging are reused and recycled wherever possible. Post manufactured material is recycled into new products or in other applications.

Staff Effects
As a company, we are also conscious of the effect that our staff have on the environment, so encourage schemes such as employee car sharing, as well as the installation of cycle facilities to allow employees to cycle to and from work.

Tree Planting
Policy With a view to conservation and bio-diversity, Wybone have planted 72 acres of woodland to assist with carbon emissions and therefore helping towards our aim of becoming carbon neutral, reducing the environmental impact of our business.