A Guide to Office Recycling

July 17, 2018

First things first, we all know how important it is to recycle, but are we making every effort we can to recycle at work? In this article we’ve put together a simple guide to help boost your office recycling rates, but we think this can be applied to most organisations.

Step 1: Complete a waste audit
Take a look at the practices of your employees and colleagues; do you provide adequate recycling facilities? Do people use the general waste bin out of convenience? Do people use under desk bins or do you have communal areas for waste? How much waste could be recycled but isn’t?

Step 2: Put together a waste & recycling strategy
Before thinking about a waste and recycling strategy it’s important to know what kind of waste you have and in what volumes. This could be based on how many people you have in your organisation and what kind of waste is most common. It is also important to speak to your local authority about what kind of waste and recycling they collect. Some local authorities require all recycling to be segregated, others will accept mixed recycling.

In this article we’ll identify various waste and recycling bins covering a wide range of recycling options. Areas for consideration include:

  • Cans & plastic bottles
  • Paper / mixed paper and card
  • Confidential waste
  • Disposable cup waste
  • Food waste
  • Batteries
  • Mixed glass
  • General waste

Step 3: Identify what you need
Once you have identified the volume of waste and recycling you collect, and what kind of waste streams you plan to segregate, the next decision to make is about what kind of bin you will use to collect it. We offer a range of styles and materials to help whether your decision is based on aesthetic or budget.

Top Tip: Create easy to use recycling stations at central locations in offices and remove under-desk bins to deter staff from putting recycling into the general waste for convenience.

Step 4: Choose a bin
The Box Cycle Range – our most popular recycling solution comes in a range of sizes, with a modular design that allows it to be used as a standalone bin or grouped together to form a recycling station.

The simple yet stylish design fits perfectly against a wall or flat surface and can be customised to include your own artwork. The Box Cycle range is available in durable plastic or galvanised steel and features specially shaped apertures to ensure the right items are placed inside the bin. Take a look at our Box Cycle Range here.

Recycling on a budget?
Our range of Swing Top Litter & Recycling Bins are available in 28, 80 and 98 litre capacities. The white body and colour coded swing lid provide an eye-catching area to encourage recycling.

Top Tip: Utilise transparent bins to highlight the waste that should be disposed of. This helps to encourage the correct waste and also provides a visual cue for when the bin needs to be emptied.

Torpedo Confidential Waste Bin – one of our most popular and contemporary bins, this unit is a beautiful, circular shape that features a locking lid and a slot aperture to dispose of important confidential documents. A very important addition to offices now that new GDPR regulations have been implemented.

Optional A4 vinyl artwork can be added to this unit and any of our other recycling bins to help show users what to put in the bin.

Cup Recycling Units – many offices provide hot drinks machines with disposable cups and this is a large area for recycling growth. We offer a range of cup recycling bins for various environments depending on volume, space and style of bin required. You can take a look at our cup recycling range here.

Torpedo Triple Recycling Bin – the Torpedo is the largest range that we offer at Wybone, with a huge combination of sizes and capacities available. Each bin can be customised to your waste stream and is manufactured from premium quality, durable galvanised steel. These bins are available in single, double and triple configuration and are ideal for office environments.

Wybone Guide to Office Recycling