Handmade by Humans

January 29, 2014

Did you know we manufacture our Glass Fibre Composite (GFC) and Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP) bins by hand?


Handmade 1

Handmade 2

Handmade 3

Many of our bins, such as our Mini Cyclo Units, Recyclo Units and some of our Grit Bins are handmade in our factory in South Yorkshire. The process we use to make these bins is the same process we have used for the last 40 years, with each stage being completed by hand!

The GRP doors of both these units are hand-laminated ensuring a smooth, quality finish. The bodies are made from glass fibre composite, which sees a core material, made from 65% renewable resources, encapsulated in hand sprayed and laminated glass fibres. Making the bins in this way ensures high impact strength and longevity along with excellent corrosion resistance.

Every stage of construction is done by hand, from building the carcass and applying the glass fibre, to spraying and painting and we even make the moulded plates! This unique process of manufacture takes a lot of skill and expertise, something our highly trained staff have in abundance.

The nature of our GFC products means they can be refurbished when required, giving an old bin a new lease of life, often doubling their already long life span. Glass Fibre Composite is a fantastic material that really does stand the test of time and is totally impervious to salt corrosion, making it ideal for roadside and coastal locations.


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