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Wybone products are manufactured to exacting standards using only the very best raw materials sourced from within the UK. Their integrity of design and construction ensures that our products will provide many years of trouble free operation. In the unlikely event that problems occur, our products are covered by:

1 year parts and labour & 10 year anti-perforation warranty.

Wybone warrant the bin against the rusting of the side panels and door from the internal surface through to the outside in such a way that the outer surface of the side panels and door are affected. The 10-year anti perforation warranty covers the outer surfaces of the bin, from the top of the peaked top to the base of the bin.

Galvanised Steel bins

Galvanised Steel


2 mm hot dipped coated galvanised material to BSEN10327 Grade DX51D+Z275 offering outstanding corrosion resistance. This differs from Zintec steel, as Zintec was originally designed for computer cabinets, i.e. internal use only, and therefore is more susceptible to corrosion on gritting routes and A roads etc. Wybone made the switch from Zintec to galvanised material in 1991 due to the fact it was not deemed resistant enough against corrosion for external use. Many Zintec steel litter bins will rust on exposure to the elements within a few years and this will be much quicker and more problematic in areas that suffer from salt corrosion in the air.

Advantages of Galvanised Steel


Total Protection – With hot dip galvanising, every millimetre of the steel it touches is galvanised, which means the hot dip galvanising process reaches areas inaccessible to other similar processes for preventing rusting and corrosion.

Less Maintenance – The galvanised coating of cold rolled steel, using the hot dip galvanising process ensures it will never shrink or crack because it is metallurgically bonded to the steel it protects. It also offers superior resistance to abrasion and water.

Lowest First Cost – Hot dip galvanising is lower in first cost than many other commonly specified protective coatings for steel.

Lowest Long Term Cost – Even in cases where the initial cost of hot dip galvanising is higher than alternative coatings, hot dip galvanising is almost invariably more cost effective in the long term because it lasts longer and needs less maintenance.

Reliability – Galvanising products from Wybone Ltd is carried out to the appropriate International Standards as well as buyers specification for hot dip galvanising (if required). Coating life and performance are reliable and predictable.

Long Life – With hot dip galvanising, the Complete Galvanised Steel Tape, Galvanised Steel Strip, Galvanised Steel Coil and Galvanised Steel Wire is galvanised on all the surfaces, including the edges and meets requirements of Indian standards/British standards and other International standards. Zinc Coating will be uniform and adherent at all places.

Complete Protection – Zinc coating from hot dip galvanising process is reasonably smooth and free from imperfections such as flux, ash & dross inclusions, black spots, pimples rust strains, bulky white deposits etc. and thus provide for the complete protection of the underlying cold rolled steel.

Ease of Inspection – Hot dip galvanised coatings are assessed readily by eye, and simple non-destructive thickness testing methods can be used.