Glass Fibre Composite bins


Wybone have been manufacturing Glass Fibre Composite (GFC) litter bins since 1982, with many of these bins still in situ today.
GFC is manufactured using a technique exclusively developed by Wybone whereby a core material is encapsulated using fire retardant Glass Fibre Polyester Resins.

Glass Fibre Composite (GFC) bins manufactured by Wybone

Advantages of GFC


  • High impact strength: some GFC litter bins have been in situ for the best part of two decades.
  • GFC products offer substantial fire protection, conforming to BS 476 Part 7 and Part 6, fire rated at Class 1/0 Building Regulations.
  • GFC is impervious to salt corrosion and will never rust.
  • A textured GFC body is significant at discouraging graffiti and bill posters.
  • Products are not affected by extremes of weather or temperature. Polythene bins are more susceptible to damage under intense heat or cold.
  • The GFC bins are available in any British Standard or RAL number.
  • If corporate identity is changed Wybone bins can be changed or repainted to suit.
  • GFC has a low carbon footprint due to the longevity of the product (no built-in obsolescence).
  • If for any reason the aperture on the door needs changing (that is, you develop a new design of product that needs a larger aperture or a different style of opening) then this can also be done back on site.
  • A full refurbishment of the product can be done roughly at half the cost of a new bin (at current list price). This is where we take a litter bin that has been on-site for a number of years and transform it to ‘as new’ condition, saving valuable resources and expenditure. Our refurbishment service includes the following:
    • Collection of bin (at 2.5% of total product cost)
    • Full disinfection of the bin
    • Comprehensive drying process
    • Detailed work assessment prior to repair
    • Full product refurbishment
    • Re-delivery of product (at 5% of total product cost)
  • Spare parts are available, as and when required.

The Hammer Test


Glass Fibre Composite (GFC) has a pseudo cast iron feel to it, and our team have performed the all important ‘hammer test’ to demonstrate the strength and durability (the bins suffer no adverse effects).