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Wybone have been a premier supplier to the NHS with our high quality sackholders since 1973. We have successfully held the contract for supply of sackholders N6/M/0278/0701/03 since 1998. Our range of sackholders are fire retardant and meet the following legislation:


HTM05-03 Article/Fire prevention


Understanding the potential threat of fire and its consequences on a demanding healthcare environment. Wybone looked to design a product that provided the functionality expected from a waste management solution while embracing ‘Health Technical Memorandum 83’ legislation on fire prevention.

Following the extensive testing with the Warrington Fire Research Centre, the Wybone ‘Fire Retardant’ sackholder was developed, offering healthcare
facilities the opportunity to safeguard against fire and its devastating effects.


Extract – British Board of Agreement Cert. Detail Sheet 3

The Plastisol HP200 body BS 476: Part 6 Spread of Flame and therefore meets “Class O” building regulations. It also gives an excellent barrier against corrosion, knocks and abrasions.

Extract – Section 3 Fire Prevention

Fully conforms to Firecode, Health Technical Memorandum HTM 83, Fire Safety in healthcare premises.


Independent Fire Test


Independent fire test performed by Warrington Fire Research Centre.


Extract – WRCSI No. 22442

Waste paper and general rubbish ignited and left to burn for 5 mins. (Lid is artificially restrained from closing.) After 5 minutes of lid being closed, the contents of the container were totally extinguished. Fire was totally contained.

WRCSI No. 22442

Examination of the sackholder indicates that it complies with the above requirement, in that the sack is completely housed in a fire resisting enclosure with a well-fitting self-closing metal lid. The tests have confirmed that the sackholder will perform satisfactorily when it is subject to a typical internal fire.

Fire Test

Fire Test

Fire Test