How secure is your confidential waste?

October 24, 2017

Keeping confidential information secure isn’t something that should be taken lightly, and should be considered both a personal and business necessity. We have a range of bins manufactured for the secure disposal of confidential information.

Confidential waste is defined as any personal information that can be used to identify you or your customers, including names, addresses, contact numbers or any financial data. For example, a bank statement is confidential information that you need to dispose of correctly.

We recommend using a separate secure waste bin to deposit your confidential waste, never dispose of this sort of information in your general waste. A company such as Shred-It are available to collect your confidential waste and dispose it safely on your behalf. Once your confidential waste is collected, it’s then shredded, baled and sent off for recycling.

Our range of confidential waste bins can suit any environment; our newest product is a based on the Torpedo Single. The Torpedo Confidential Waste Bin has been designed with an internal locking system, with two locks fitted to the inside of the bin. A slim paper slot aperture on the lid of the unit ensures nothing can be removed once it has been deposited.

The WSC/112 Confidential Waste Bin is fitted with an internal chute that directs paper into the awaiting bag with a metal deflector that stops items from being retrieved by hand or other instrument. The 112 litre capacity is ideal for securely storing large amounts of paper, with hooks on the inside to hold the internal bag in place.

The foot pedal operated Confidential Waste Sackholder has a standard closed top lid that lifts up to reveal a slot aperture. Confidential documents can be deposited in the aperture, which is not wide enough for a person to use their hand to retrieve documents from the inside. A push lock is fitted to the front of the unit to stop any unwanted access without the use of the dedicated key.

Our popular Box Cycle Recycling Bin can be manufactured for the collection of confidential waste with a galvanised steel, lockable lid. Designed with standard WRAP iconography and colours with a paper thin aperture to prevent any unauthorised access. Available in a 60 or 80 litre capacity, it’s the ideal choice for office environments.

If you’re interested in our range of confidential waste bins and would like more information, give us a call on 01226 352333 or email us at

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