How to repurpose your Wybone Grit Bin

March 7, 2017

We like to think outside the box bin at Wybone and although this product is perfect for tackling the freezing weather, we’re encouraging customers to repurpose our new range of grit bins.

Why not use this bin for storing garden equipment? The 168-litre capacity makes it suitable for lots of storage, perfect for any environment.

The glass reinforced plastic maintains insulation meaning that the unit can remain outside but the contents stay dry, keeping your tools clean and rust free.

The pastel shades add a splash of colour to their surroundings, and allows the grit bin to look more like a feature piece than a functional salt storage unit.

We think that this grit bin makes a stylish feature at home, in floral landscapes or market towns. Choose from off white, pastel green, light grey and pastel blue, this decorative grit bin is a great alternative to the standard compost unit.

Why not use this bin for log storage? We even think it makes a really unique drinks cooler! The grit bin is perfectly insulated for filling with ice and cold drinks for those summer garden parties.

With its large capacity, our pastel grit bin makes an ideal repurposed planter. Fill it with soil and plant your favourite flowers; you could even grow your own vegetables! The front opening lid creates the perfect environment for growing potatoes, keeping the inside environment dark while giving you easy access to tend to your vegetables!

The practicality of this grit bin makes it versatile enough to be used in a vast range of environments, why not give it a try and see how you can repurpose your grit bin.

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Wybone Pastel Grit Bin