How Wybone products can help your cycling scheme

January 24, 2019

With concern for the environment and public health high on the agenda, cycling around the UK has never been more popular.

There are significant strategies in place to radically increase the use of cycling as an everyday means of transport, particularly in our cities. The aim is to raise the percentage of journeys made by bicycle from its current rate of 2% to 10% by 2025 and 25% by 2050.

At the start of this year, British Cycling announced that they had received funding of £5 million from Sport England to further encourage cycling across the country. The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) have also issued guidelines for planners and local authorities to prioritise cyclists and pedestrians on new roads.

As a leading manufacturer in the waste and street furniture industry, we aim to be as eco-friendly as we can to help the environment, as well as encouraging our customers to do the same. When it comes to creating a successful cycling scheme, we’ve compiled a resourceful guide to help you get the best results from our range of products.

We’ve recently introduced a new product to our range of litter bins – the Tilter Post Mounted Bridleway Bin has been specifically designed for use by pedestrians, cyclists and horse riders.

This tilted litter bin is manufactured from British bought, 2mm hot dipped galvanised steel, primed and powder coated to offer maximum corrosion resistance. The circular body is welded onto an angled post, which can be ground fixed or mounted to ensure immovability.

This innovative unit is tilted to make disposing of litter more convenient for people on the move. The large circular aperture allows cyclists and horse riders to throw in their litter from height or distance without having to dismount.

To keep high traffic areas clean and tidy, we recommend installing the LBV/20 Litter Bin, with four large apertures to ensure waste goes inside the liner. Manufactured from glass fibre composite, this material is unaffected by adverse weather conditions or salty air. This means it can be placed in busy cycle paths or on canal towpaths and remain unaffected for years to come. If you don’t believe us, take a look at our Production Manager demonstrating the robustness of our glass fibre composite litter bins.

To increase the storage capacity for those who are traveling by bike, we have a range of cycle racks designed for functionality; each given a contemporary aesthetic, making them the perfect choice for modern environments.

The Multiple Station Cycle Rack provides safe parking and storage for bikes in a range of public and private environments. This high-low bicycle rack can accommodate multiples of five bikes and can be put together in a modular style to accommodate twice as many bikes as a regular cycle store.

This cycle storage solution is manufactured from premium quality galvanised steel, providing a sturdy and simplistic design that offers longevity and long-term value. The unit is powder coated to offer extra corrosion resistance and a coloured finish.

The galvanised steel manufacture also ensures that the cycle rack will not become damaged or corrode due to the use of bike chains. Sited on their own, they provide parking for five bicycles and are therefore best suited to environments such as schools, parks and workplaces.

If you’re a local business looking for a smaller solution to keep your cyclists’ possessions safe, choose from a wall mountable or ground fixing cycle rack to secure one bike. The BR/1 Cycle Rack can be wall mounted or ground fixed to ensure it can’t be moved or stolen. The ground fixing unit is designed to anchor into concrete or other suitable hard standing, using four rawl bolts. The wall mountable unit holds using two rawl bolts and can even be fixed to a Wybone litter bin if required.

Bollards are designed to create a protective perimeter and to guide traffic and mark boundaries, this is essential to reduce the amount of traffic and keep an area safe for cyclists and pedestrians.

The Lute Bollard is a stylish metal alternative to traditional bollards, manufactured from galvanised steel in two sections to allow the bollard to be powder coated in two colours. This steel bollard can be permanently ground fixed or fitted using a bollard socket kit, which allows the unit to be fixed into a ground socket and secured using a padlock.

If you are looking for a traditional alternative, the BM/36 Bollard is manufactured from a combination of aluminium and glass fibre composite to make it strong and durable but also lightweight and easy to site.

An ideal cycling route offers a break point for cyclists where they can rest or meet with others, we manufacture a range of benches in steel, wood or a combination of both to suit any environment. The VMB/6 is manufactured the same way as our litter bins, made with durable galvanised steel in a full box section, the feet are predrilled for ground fixing with a choice of rubber bungs or welded ends available as standard.

When winter approaches, we suggest placing a grit bin on your local routes to keep cyclists and pedestrians safe. We’ve recently redesigned the VGB/8 Grit Bin, this stylish unit is one of our most traditional looking grit bins and can hold 224 litres of grit. The Victoriana style of this grit bin features hand finished gold beading and moulded ‘GRIT’ lettering on the lid. It’s also a great match for the LBV/20 Litter Bin!

We’re always trying to reduce our carbon footprint and encourage a greener environment, for more information on our range of products, feel free to give us a call on 01226 352333 or send us an email to

How Wybone can help your cycle scheme