In the spotlight… Bollards

August 14, 2019

Street furniture widely influences the way public spaces – such as town centres, public squares and parks are utilised by people, which means ensuring public safety is an important aspect. Here at Wybone, we offer a range of stylish and functional bollards, manufactured in a range of materials to suit any environment.

What are bollards used for?

Bollards are designed to direct traffic, protect sensitive areas and segregate locations.

They are extremely safe for pedestrians and still provide access for cyclists, but are an effective deterrent for vehicles. High-security bollards are capable of stopping cars and trucks at high speeds to maintain a secure perimeter. For busy pedestrian areas, bollards provide the best form of security – making them ideal for entrances at airports, stadiums and retail parks.

How are bollards manufactured?

We offer a range of bollards manufactured from durable glass fibre composite, galvanised steel or Iroko hardwood. Our most traditional bollards are manufactured from glass fibre composite; using a technique exclusively developed by us, where a wooden carcass is sprayed with fire retardant glass fibre polyester resins to produce a hardwearing unit that will never rust. Take a look at how our these products are made in our glass fibre composite production video. This range, such as the Fluted Bollard are suitable for roadside locations and seaside towns, as they can withstand salt water and extreme weather conditions.

Our steel bollards are crafted using hot dipped galvanised steel and welded by our skilled team. Once the metal frame is formed, they are then expertly powder coated to offer excellent corrosion resistance. The metalwork production video shows this process in more detail!

What style of bollards do you offer?

Our bollards each have a distinctive aesthetic to allow them to blend in to the design of its environment, as well as compliment other products in our street furniture range – such as the Wyatt and Lute range. The Wyatt Bollard is manufactured with a powder coated, galvanised steel frame and clad with Iroko hardwood slats. This bollard looks great alongside its counterparts, the Wyatt Litter Bin, Bench and Cycle Rack and adds a contemporary look outside modern offices and retail parks. To see our full range of bollards, visit our street furniture page.

How should bollards be positioned?

It’s recommended that bollards designed to regulate traffic flow be spaced no less than three feet apart in order to satisfy accessibility requirements but no more than five feet apart to block the minimum width of a vehicle. If you need more advice on installing bollards into a public space, take a look at the Department of Transport website for an advisory guide.

How are bollards installed into the ground?

Each of our bollards can be permanently ground fixed into concrete if required, this can be achieved by manufacturing the bollard with an extended base. If the bollard needs to be inserted and removed for safety reasons, we also offer a bollard socket kit. The socket is submerged into the ground, allowing the bollard to easily drop into place – this can then be secured with a padlock.

If you would like any further information on our range of bollards or to book a meeting with one of our sales representatives, please feel free to give us a call on 01226 352333 or send us an email to