In the spotlight… Confidential Waste Bins

June 1, 2018

Wybone Confidential Waste Bins

As most of you are aware, GDPR came into force on Friday 25 May. This new regulation will change the way that companies now use our personal data.

This new regulation means that there have been big changes to consumer rights with regards to personal data held by organisations – this means that you will have more ways to access, or even delete the data they have on you.

Ultimately, businesses now need to ensure that personal data is kept safe and disposed of correctly in order to stay compliant. Any data that has no use on their system must be deleted or thrown away. Again in the same way, a customer who requests their data to be erased must be removed.

Confidential waste is now tighter than ever, and measures must be put in place to meet the standards of this new data regulation.

What sort of confidential waste bins do you sell?

We manufacture a range of different styles to suit your needs; whether you’re looking for a permanent heavy-duty unit for your office, or you need a lightweight bin that can be easily situated in multiple environments for ease of access.

We even offer a sackholder version of our confidential waste bin range, which functions through the foot pedal operated lid like our standard sackholders and features a slim paper aperture and lockable lid for the collection of confidential documents.

What makes these bins secure?

All of our confidential waste units are secured with a hardwearing lock, and can only be accessed by those that are permitted to empty the units with the keys we supply.

The WSC/112 Confidential Waste Bin is fitted with an internal chute system, which restricts access to the contents by hand. This is our bulkiest confidential waste unit that cannot be easily moved, with a large capacity to match.

Our latest confidential unit is designed based on the stylish Torpedo Single Recycling Unit, and features a hinged lid with a thin paper slot aperture with only a 10mm thickness to ensure nothing can be removed from the bin.

How are these units manufactured?

Our confidential waste bins are purpose designed and manufactured from durable 2mm hot dipped galvanised steel, this means a secure manufacture and makes the bin difficult to damage; this ensures the secure disposal of confidential documents.

On our Torpedo and WSC/112 units, an internal sack retention frame ensures that the specialist collection bag is held in place and there is no overhang to the outside of the bin.

How do I dispose of my confidential waste?

We recommend using a separate secure confidential waste bin to deposit your confidential waste, and to never dispose of this sort of information in your general waste. A company such as Shred-It are available to collect your confidential waste and dispose it safely on your behalf. Once your confidential waste is collected, it’s then shredded, baled and sent off for recycling.

Have any organisations implemented our confidential waste bins?

We worked alongside North Bristol NHS Trust and their confidential waste contractor to design a recycling bin that met their security, and health and safety requirements. Read more about this story.

If you would like to speak to our team about our range of confidential waste bins, feel free to give us a call on 01226 352333 or send us an email to