In the spotlight… WTS Wooden Floor Standing Cigarette Bin

July 11, 2019

We’ve further developed our WTS wooden range and designed the new WTS Wooden Floor Standing Cigarette Bin. This stylish cigarette bin creates an eye-catching smokers post for use in busy smoking areas.

How are these cigarette stands manufactured?

This unit has been manufactured using premium quality materials, with a stainless steel ashtray, durable galvanised steel liner and decorative Iroko Hardwood panels. The durable manufacture ensures longevity and low maintenance.

How do I empty this cigarette stand?

Our WTS cigarette stand has been designed and built at waist height for ease of use and convenient emptying. The lid is secured with two push locks, which keep the internal galvanised steel liner and ashtray top firmly in place. To release, simply unlock with the push lock key, lift the ashtray top off and remove the internal liner. Once emptied and rinsed, return it in the top of the unit and replace the ashtray top. Push the locks back to the lock position to secure it back in place.

Frequent emptying of this cigarette bin also reduces the risk of fire as it ensures the bin is not overfilled. We would advise to have a designated smoking area with instructional signage to remind smokers of correct usage and behaviour.

How many cigarettes does this bin hold?

We estimate that the WTS Tabstand has the capacity to hold approximately 1000 cigarette butts before it will need to be emptied.

We must also advise that this number provides a guide only and for added safety and security, it is always a good idea to regularly check up on cigarette units to ensure they are safe and being correctly used.

Where should I put this cigarette bin?

We might be biased but we think this is our most stylish cigarette stand to date, it’s beautifully finished and provides a decorative unit that will not only encourage use but it will make the chosen area look great too. This unit is manufactured from hardwearing steel and clad with timber slats that give the bin a contemporary look that would look great in office smoking areas, under canopies or outside modern shopping centres.

We think this cigarette stand would look great paired with our wooden products, such as the WTS/8 Litter Bin. We’d also pair these smoking bins with our ultra-modern and sleek Link Bollards for a truly beautiful landscaped area. To create a designated smoking area that encourages users to keep it clean and tidy.

How is this cigarette bin fitted?

This cigarette stand comes with a durable steel base, which is pre-drilled to allow the unit to be fixed into the ground – we recommend using RAWL bolts to secure this stand in place.

Does this cigarette stand require any maintenance?

The Iroko panels will require routine annual maintenance as it is a natural product and can be subject to weathering. We would advise maintenance using Danish Oil every 6-12 months for best results.

Where can I see these cigarette stands?

We’ve recently manufactured and supplied these new modern cigarette stands to Broadgate Estates in London!

If you would like to see a sample of this cigarette stand with our sales representative or to request further information, please feel free to give us a call on 01226 352333 or send us an email to