Islington continue to work with Wybone on food waste program

February 16, 2018

We’ve worked with London Borough of Islington again and supplied a further 80 Food Waste Wheelie Bin Covers to communal properties.

Our work with Islington Council began early last year as part of their Better Recycle Sites program, which aimed to improve food waste recycling and reduce cross contamination in communal recycling sites. Since installation, it’s been reported that contamination is down to zero in all current housing units.

Our Food Waste Wheelie Bin Covers are manufactured from durable galvanised steel, with a rod hinged front opening door and slam lock. This stylish cover features a slanted lid, designed to allow rainwater to run off and prevent any rubbish from being left on top of the unit. A lift up flap on the lid helps to contain unwanted odours, with a stainless steel handle that makes opening easy and hygienic.

Each cover houses a 240 litre wheelie bin; all bins are due to be installed in high-density estates in Islington where there have been issues with odour and contamination, and wheelie bins being moved or stolen.

Our units have already been well received among both council staff and residents; James Miller, a resident at Gambier House said: “They are much nicer and easier to operate as a result of their soft closing lids, and they suit the look of our block. Thanks to the handles on the lid, they are user friendly, so people don’t leave the bags beside the bins anymore.”

Our delivery will be the second phase of their food waste regeneration, and will be rolled out in the next few weeks. We will be siting the bins for the council as part of our stop and drop service; we use all of our own equipment and manpower to lift, drop and site the bins on their behalf. We even take back the packaging to our factory to be recycled!

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Food Waste Program Islington

Photograph © CIWM Journal