Jargon Buster – Advantages of galvanised steel

November 13, 2019

We’ve been in the manufacturing industry for the last 50 years, so we understand the ins and outs of the sector and the terms that come with it. We also appreciate that it’s far more complicated from an outsider’s point of view, so we’ve created this handy guide to help our customers with some of our technical jargon.

What is galvanised steel?

Galvanised steel is our first choice for metal bins; this is steel that has been immersed into molten zinc to chemically bond a coating that will offer long term corrosion protection. This differs from Zintec steel, as Zintec was originally designed for internal use only and is therefore more susceptible to corrosion.

Why do we use it?

In 1991, we made the switch from Zintec to galvanised steel, as it wasn’t deemed resistant enough against corrosion for external use. Many Zintec steel litter bins will rust on exposure to the elements within a few years and this will be much quicker and more problematic in areas that suffer from salty air, such as by the seaside. Galvanised steel offers many benefits and is a durable and sustainable option, that’s perfect for our litter bins. Take a look at our metalwork production video to see this material in action!

Do you offer a warranty on this material?

We source all of our raw materials from the UK, particularly local businesses. Our integrity of design and manufacture ensures that our products will provide many years of trouble free operation. In the unlikely event that problems occur, our steel litter bins come with 1 year parts and labour and 10 year anti-perforation warranty – this guarantees the surface of the bin from rusting through completely.

What are the advantages?

Galvanised steel offers total protection. Every inch of the steel is galvanised during the hot dipping process, which means it reaches areas inaccessible to other similar processes for preventing rusting and corrosion.

It’s less maintenance as using the hot dipped galvanising process ensures it will never shrink or crack due to being chemically bonded to the steel it protects. It also offers superior resistance to scuffs, scratches and water.

It’s also a lower cost for businesses, galvanising steel is cheaper in first cost than many other commonly specified protective coatings for steel. Even in cases where the initial cost of hot dipped galvanised steel is higher than alternative coatings, it’s a lot more cost effective in the long term because it lasts longer and needs less maintenance.

Galvanising steel from Wybone is carried out to the appropriate international standards as well as buyer’s specification, which means the life and performance of the coating is consistent and efficient.  This process ensures the entirety of the steel is galvanised on all surfaces to meet British and other International standards.

The zinc coating from hot dip galvanising gives a smooth finish that is free from imperfections such as movement during the process, black spots, rust stains and bulky deposits, which provides complete protection of the underlying steel. Hot dip galvanised coatings can be easily inspected by our staff and can be assessed readily by eye, and simple non-destructive thickness testing methods can also be used.

If you would like more information on our steel litter bins or to book a demonstration with our sales team, drop us an email to [email protected] or give us a call on 01226 352333