Jargon Buster – What is glass fibre composite?

December 13, 2019

We’ve been in the manufacturing industry for the last 50 years, so we understand the ins and outs of the sector and the terms that come with it. We also appreciate that it’s far more complicated from an outsider’s point of view, so we’ve created this handy guide to help our customers with some of our technical jargon.

What is glass fibre?

Glass fibre composite (GFC) also known as fibreglass, is a reinforced plastic substance which is composed of a woven material embedded with glass fibres. The fine glass fibres are laid across each other and held together with a binding substance. We buy in glass fibre in the form of a roll, which is fed through a machine that allows the glass fibres to be applied through a spray gun.

How do we use it for manufacturing?

We’ve been manufacturing glass fibre products since 1982, using a technique exclusively developed by us at Wybone. A shaped wooden carcass is encapsulated with high impact strength glass fibre composite resins, which is then sanded and sprayed in a finish and colour of your choice. Take a look at how our glass fibre products are made in our behind the scenes manufacturing video.

What are the advantages of GFC?

Glass fibre composite is ideally suited for street furniture due to its strength and durability. It’s completely unaffected by extreme weather conditions and saltwater, which allows the bin to be placed in coastal or roadside locations and remain intact for years to come. Glass fibre products also offer excellent fire protection, conforming to Class 1/0 Building Regulations. Did you know all of our GFC products are made from 65% renewable resources?

Our GFC Production Manager Paul conducted a hammer test on our glass fibre bins to demonstrate strength and durability. GFC has the texture of cast iron, as well as the hard-wearing characteristics. No bins were harmed in the making of this video – if you don’t believe how tough this material is, watch our demonstration video!

What sort of products are made from glass fibre composite?

We offer different styles of our glass fibre products – fully glass fibre units offer a traditional, historic litter bin design but for a stylish alternative, we can add a timber front that blends seamlessly into parks and green spaces. We’ve been manufacturing traditional Victoriana litter bins for years, such as the LBV/20 and NR/1. Alternatively, the RLA/7 offers councils the option of public recycling in one stylish timber unit.

We even offer a refurbishment service on this material…

Some of our glass fibre products have been in situ for over 20 years and have a low carbon footprint due to its longevity. However, some issues are out of our control, such as damage from vandalism.

Fortunately, we can offer a refurbishment of the product that can be done roughly at half the cost of a new bin. This is where we take a litter bin that has been on-site for a number of years and transform it into ‘as new’ condition, saving valuable resources and cost.

If you would like to visit our factory to see how our glass fibre composite products are made, feel free to get in touch with our team on 01226 352333 or send us an email to [email protected]

Jargon Buster - Glass Fibre Composite