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Know your recycling: a guide to what items can and can’t be recycled in your household wheelie bins

When it comes to recycling there is a litany of information available to us, but sometimes it can be confusing or misleading. In a recent WRAP study, it was identified that two thirds of households (66%) express uncertainty about how to correctly dispose of one or more items. At a time when the world needs action, it’s important that households, local authorities, waste management companies, schools, manufacturers and retailers are doing everything they can to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as they can. 

We also learned that almost half (49%) of UK households dispose of one or more items in the residual bin that are in fact collected for recycling in their area. Furthermore, just over two thirds (68%) of UK households add one or more items to their recycling collection that are not accepted locally. With this in mind, we wanted to put together a detailed guide to help you decipher what can and can’t go into your recycling bins. Maybe this article will make a small bit of difference, so please feel free to pass it on to friends and colleagues.