Local hero works for Wybone!

May 1, 2015

Wybone has its very own local hero – in the form of Keith Gill – recently praised by the Barnsley Chronicle. Keith, Production Manager at Wybone for over fifteen years, was driving on Barnsley Road last Saturday when he noticed a ‘rogue Neapolitan Mastiff’ attacking two Miniature Schnauzers.

Sarah, the dogs’ owner had been thrown to the ground trying to protect her dogs which were being ‘shaken like soft toys’ by the Mastiff. Keith immediately stopped his car and ran to help Sarah and her dogs. Sarah was trying to put herself between the dogs to break them up but struggled to overpower the Mastiff, so Keith had to lift the two Schnauzers and put them on the bonnet of his car.  Even still, the Mastiff managed to break free and bite Keith.

Eventually, a passer-by helped to restrain the Mastiff and Keith helped the dog owners tend to the badly hurt Schnauzers. Chris, Sarahs husband – who was in the shower at the time of the incident – ran out to help the dogs, “they needed to get to the vets, there was blood outside the house and all over the kitchen floor. Keith came in and helped us to stop the bleeding while Sarah reported it to the police.”

Sarah also commented, “We have never met Keith before and I truly believe that if he had not been brave enough to stop and help, neither of my dogs would have survived. He didn’t have to stop, and looking at the size of the dog most people would be put off for fear of what it could do.”

Although Keith was bitten by the dog during the incident, he knew that if he left that more harm could have come to the dogs and their owners. Keith said “I just acted on instinct, I knew that if I didn’t intervene then the dogs could have died and something could have happened to Sarah.”

Both dogs were lucky to escape with surface wounds, with the vet saying that they were lucky to have not damaged any major arteries. The vet bill for the dogs was £2000.

Chris added “I owe Keith a massive debt of gratitude and see him as a true hero.”