Manchester Bin is a hit with proud resident!

August 14, 2014

This year we were very proud to win the tender to work with Manchester City Council to design and manufacture over 600 bespoke litter bins.

We took the opportunity to collaborate with the council’s in-house creative team, M–Four Design Studio to personalise the bins and give them that extra special Wybone touch, right from design through to finishing.

The bespoke litter bins each feature a photo-luminescent bee logo that illuminates in the dark and a unique honeycomb pattern to the body of the bin and ashtray.

M–Four gave some insight behind the bee concept: “The exterior of the design is inspired by the cities rich industrial heritage. The embossed honeycomb grid symbolises the vast international networks Manchester has acquired over its history.

The Manchester ‘worker bee’ is an enduring icon of the dedicated Mancunians who worked tirelessly during the Industrial Revolution. The bee sits pride of the place in the middle and is based on the mosaic tiles that reside in the Manchester Town Hall. The super gloss finish enhances the light that bounces off the embossed metal to give it that distinctive appearance.”

Since the implementation of the bespoke litter bins this year, proud Manchester resident, George has admired the design and approached Wybone and Manchester City Council to have one of the bins specially made for his home. With special permission from the council, George can finally say he has his own piece of Manchester proudly on display in his kitchen!

George commented, “I was delighted when they sprung up around the city! I think the bin is a superb design and I like the modern representation of the Manchester Bee and its simultaneous resemblance to the Dior Bee!”

George very kindly sent us some photographs of his own Manchester bin at home; take a look below.

Manchester 5


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