At Wybone, we’ve been designing and manufacturing litter and recycling bins since 1969 – we believe we know a thing or two about the waste market – and we’ve done extensive research into a smart solution to perfectly complement our range. We’re pleased to announce that we’re joining the Mr. Fill family and we couldn’t be happier to share this great new product with our customers.

Mr. Fill manufactures a smart waste solution that offers a compacting functionality for busy areas, promising to cut waste and Co2 emissions through efficiency savings. Manufactured from a tough and durable 2mm galvanised steel, the bins are the strongest on the market and come with a foot pedal and flap operation that offers meaningful statistics and ensures waste goes directly into the waiting wheelie bin.

This new partnership will allow us to become the UK’s first and sole distributor of this exciting new technology, all encompassed within a stylish and easy-to-maintain unit. Mr. Fill already has a strong European presence, with representation in most major cities, including Brussels, Hamburg and Amsterdam. A recent case study showed that an implementation on a busy Amsterdam street resulted in an annual saving of €600,000.

Managing Director of Wybone, Richard Cooper, commented on this new partnership: “we’re excited to be introducing Mr. Fill to our customers in order to bring a new product to our range. We believe we are introducing a cost effective and stylish, smart compacting solution that will bring great savings and expert data to new and existing customers.”

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Stronger Than You Think

Comprised of 2mm thick galvanised steel, Mr. Fill can really take care of himself. A sturdy design means the bin is rust and vandal proof.

Two Sizes To Choose From

Mr. Fill comes in sizes 120L and 240L with the options for wheelie bin or bin liner, so you can find the right size for the ideal location that suits your preferences.

Easy To Use

Using Mr. Fill has never been easier. No need to use your hands to open the flap; simply press the foot pedal that’s been made with durability in mind.

Smart City Manager

The Smart City Manager is a monitoring system that registers the status and usage of your waste bin. This means you can find out how often your bin is being used and when it needs emptying.


Automatic Lock

Staying on top of bin maintenance in busy, public areas can be tricky. Mr. Fill has a three-stage, colour-coded fill level indicator. When the indicator is red, it locks itself so you don’t have to.

Audible Thank You Message

It’s important to give back. Mr. Fill has an optional feature of adding a personalised ‘thank you’ message for the public when disposing of their waste.

Innovative Solar Technology 

With a great return on energy, the smart infrared technology enables energy to be collected without direct sunlight.

Would You Like To See A Sample?

Our Sales Managers are excited to bring this new smart solution to show new and existing customers, so if you would like a demonstration or a trial, we want to hear from you! Please get in touch on 01226 352333 or email [email protected]