Mr. Fill Bin Trial in Haringey Proves to be a Success for Smart Solar Compacting Bins

May 2, 2023

Mr. Fill bins offer the perfect smart waste solution for every smart city, delivering lower costs, fewer CO2 emissions and no litter with its smart solar compacting technology. 

The product features a smart underground compactor and a smart sensor that uses its Smart City Manager app to notify PCs, tablets or smartphones when the bins need to be emptied to improve efficiency. There are 120-litre and 240-litre units available. 

Mr. Fill self-compacting bins are designed and produced in Holland, and our long-standing partnership made us the first UK’s sole distributor of this exciting technology, and it’s only made better with its stylish design and user-friendly features. 

To put Mr. Fill to the test, a recent 121-day trial took place in Haringey with a 120-litre unit on Western Road from October 3rd, 2022 to January 31st, 2023. The October data showed that the bin was emptied 11 times throughout October every 2 days with the bin only being at a fill level of 35%. We continued to see improvements throughout the trial where, by January, the bin only required emptying 4 times every 7 and a half days. 

This showed us that, toward the end of the trial, the frequency with which the bin required emptying was reduced by more than 50% – this informed us that the Haringey unit was reaching more of its full potential; its efficiency and cost-saving benefits became evident by the end of the trial.

The bin’s smart technology allows litter to be compacted to one-fifth of its size and has an automatic remote cover locking system when the bin is detected as full. The communication platform and sensors mean the bin can be emptied in a timely fashion, and an efficient route can be mapped out via this platform, resulting in up to 75% savings on waste collection costs.

Smart City Manager gives a precise overview of all the data, logs the status and usage of the Mr. Fill bin, and keeps employees up to date by sending notifications via the app or email so that you can keep track of the bins and empty them accordingly, saving time and money.

There have been many successful trials so far in the UK; Scarborough has purchased 20 units since their trial, and St Albans have also purchased their unit since their trial. The bins are currently on trial in various public spaces throughout the UK. 

It is clear from the data that Mr. Fill offers smart waste solutions that can benefit cities by improving waste disposal due to the solar, self-compacting technology, and increasing efficiency with the smart sensors and Smart City Manager app giving an extensive overview of the data and usage.

Mr. Fill bins: Concept Art