Wybone MV35C Litter Bin Range

MV/35C Circular Closed Top Litter Bin

The MV/35C Circular Closed Top Litter Bin is manufactured from durable galvanised steel, primed and powder coated in a colour of your choice, with a 95 litre capacity, sufficient for light to medium usage.

This bin features runners on the base of the inside to help pull out the liner and avoid any contact with the ground fixing bolts.

As with all Wybone galvanised steel litter bins, the MV/35C comes with a standard 1 year parts and labour guarantee and a 10 year anti-perforation warranty. This guarantees the surface of your bin from rusting through completely.

MV/35C XL Circular Closed Top Litter Bin

The MV/35C XL Circular Closed Top Litter Bin is a larger version of our classic MV/35C. This rounded street litter bin is manufactured from premium quality galvanised steel and powder coated for added corrosion resistance.

This litter bin offers an extra large 135 litre capacity with an internal galvanised steel liner to make collection and disposal of waste an easy task.

The wider apertures make it easy to throw away large items, with an optional ashtray to prevent cigarettes being stubbed out on the lid.

Wybone MV35C Circular Litter Bin

Wybone MV35C XL Circular Litter Bin

MV/35C Triple External Recycling Bin

This sleek new MV/35C Triple External Recycling Bin has been manufactured from galvanised steel and holds three separate litter or recycling sections. The unit has been beautifully designed to enhance public areas whilst aiding recycling and holding a large 282 litre capacity.

Our MV/35C can be modified with optional perforations, bespoke artwork and choice of colour to suit your requirements. We think these bins look great in matte black, but you can choose from our full range of metal powder coating colours at no extra cost.

MV/35C Triple XL External Recycling Bin

This extra large MV/35C XL Triple Recycling Bin has a 420 litre capacity with three separate 140 litre compartments to collect your chosen waste stream, keeping it segregated to avoid cross contamination.

The stylish design and extra large capacity is perfect for busy environments such as cities and shopping centres; the large capacity makes this bin ideal for areas where it may be difficult to empty on a regular basis. The left and right sides of the unit also contain wide apertures that are shaped specifically for the waste they are collecting.

Wybone MV35C Triple

Wybone MV35C XL Triple