New Ecommerce Website

August 4, 2013

Wybone launch brand new ecommerce website where customers can buy online!

The new ecommerce website has been launched this week and is now live and ready to trade. Here you can buy waste bins designed to suit all environments, from commercial kitchens in hotels and restaurants to hospitals and medical centres and everything in between:


Hospitals, NHS, Medical Centres

Hospital waste bins need to be multifunctional as well as safe to stand up to heavy daily use in medical environments. Wybone clinical and medical waste bins are perfect for this, as they are both anti-bacterial to help prevent the spread of infection, and heard wearing meaning they can be used again and again without the worry about corrosion or rust. Our high quality, antibacterial waste bins can be used across a range of hospital and NHS locations, from back of house catering areas and operating theatres, through to ward corridors and private patient rooms and toilets. They are available in a range of sizes (starting at 28L) and the standard waste segregation colours used on our bins make for effective and efficient waste separation. Wybone has held the NHS contract for sack holders since 1998, supplying clinical and medical waste bins for a wide number of uses.

Schools & Nurseries

Our waste bins for schools and nurseries combine practicality and sturdiness with safety and a little bit of fun! Our range of bright attractive colours not only helps with effective waste segregation, but also helps you to teach children the importance of recycling using a fun colour association technique! We’ve also got a range of sizes from 28L up to 80L, so no matter what size bin you need or the size of your classroom or nursery, there’s a Wybone waste bin to fit. Spills and mess from excited kids is kept to a minimum thanks to our innovative leak proof tray that will effectively catch any liquid in the event of a burst or punctured bin bag. The Plastisol body on our wipe clean waste bins is extremely easy to clean using just a cloth, as well as being extremely hard wearing to withstand daily use. There’s also the benefit of our ‘round edge’ design to prevent injury from sharp corners.

Waste Bins 1

Waste Bin 2

Waste Bin 3

Bathroom & Sanitary

Wybone waste bins are ideal for use in the bathroom at home or in the work environment. They’re also suited to care home and nursery bathrooms, and are extremely easy to wipe clean using a simple spray and cloth. The ABS plastic components are designed specifically so that they are non-porous, meaning that no nasty bacteria can get stuck in the surface and spread germs. The compact dimensions of our smallest 28L bathroom and sanitary bin allow it to fit perfectly and discreetly into the smallest of spaces next to a toilet or sink, meaning you can have a waste disposal solution in even the smallest or residential or commercial bathrooms. Our larger bins also offer the ideal sanitary waste disposal solution for those needing it on a bigger scale, such as for use in hotels or hospitals. The entire body is removable making for quick and hygienic emptying without handling used bin liners.

Home Use

There are various factors to take into consideration when choosing a bin to use in your home? Is it stylish? Is it practical? Can it be cleaned easily? And will it fit in with my room? At Wybone, we’ve manufactured our waste bins so they’ll look just as good sat in your kitchen as your conservatory. Blending a great design, including soft rounded edges and a pedal operated opening, with practicality in the form of a leak proof tray that’s great for catching leaks when the inevitable split bin bag occurs. Available in a range of colours, our most popular finishes for our home bins include plain white and stylish silver, both of which complement and blend effortlessly into your home. You can even add letters and designs to your bin that make them fun and interactive for use in home nurseries and playrooms! Our smallest 28L waste bin is perfect for use in the smallest of bathrooms, or in larger bathrooms where a discreet and practical sanitary bin may be required. Alternatively, our larger 42L bins are great for those busy families that make use of garages and utility rooms to change muddy shoes and dispose of outdoor waste. Our home waste bins are also really easy to move when they need emptying, using the built in handle and plastic castors means you can take the bin directly to your outdoor or wheelie bin without having to trail a bag through the house!

All our waste bins on our new website have the following features: Easy clean design, anti-scuff, hardwearing, integrated castors, foot pedal opening, corrosion resistant, fire retardant and anti-bacterial, making them ideal for all locations.

Visit our new website now and buy online at