Wybone introduces the new Food Donation Bin

August 21, 2015

We’ve just finished working on our newest product for Manchester Metropolitan University; the Food Donation Bin. In a bid to reduce unnecessary food waste, the University decided to have a number of the bespoke units manufactured to place around busy areas of the campus.

Many universities find that when students return home during term breaks, they have a lot of left over food such as cereals and other snacks that are due to go out of date. To minimise wastage and for convenience, the units allow the students to donate their food before going home.

Modelled on the popular Box Cycle, the unit has been especially designed to the width of two units with one lid and a large rectangular aperture to accommodate most food packaging. The body is made from transparent Lexan to allow staff to easily see when it is becoming full, and to ensure that it is not accidentally used as a general waste bin.

The lid and base of the unit has been powder coated in orange as per the University’s request, however can be coated in any standard RAL colour.

Finished with a bespoke vinyl sticker to the front of the unit and white vinyl lettering to the lid, the unit provides a focal point and a stylish solution to minimise food waste. Donated food can later be provided to local shelters or food banks.

We think these units will be perfect for universities, charities and large organisations!

To find out more about the new Food Donation Bin please visit our website, or feel free to contact us if you’d like us to create bespoke units for you! You can chat to us on 01226 744010 or email at – either way we’ll be happy to help!


Wybone - Food Donation Bin

Wybone - Food Donation Bin