New Glasgow Bin Hubs Help Tackle Waste Management In The City

November 23, 2023

In a new transformative change to the city of Glasgow, the council has been keen to revolutionise waste management solutions, focusing on Glaswegians who reside in tenements across the city.

Before now, residents have had to take their rubbish to back courts behind their residence, causing increased effort and reluctance to properly dispose of household waste. In addition to this, Glasgow City Council had been receiving feedback from bin operatives, expressing the difficulty of having to carry heavy bins from back courts all the way to the bin lorries on the main street.

The council recognised that other cities across the UK had modernised their process for dealing with waste, acknowledging that back court waste collection is no longer the norm. The council felt it was time to refine the process in their very own city. This is where we came in.

The aim was to have four bins at each hub that would service around 50 tenements. These would be placed on the main road, much more accessible to residents and thus encourage more waste disposal.

So, in November last year, our Northern Sales Manager, Ben, would have initial discussions with John Hughes, project manager for Glasgow City Council (Neighbourhoods, Regeneration and Sustainability). Having a track record of working with the council for over 10 years delivering high-quality products, we were once again honoured to be a part of such an ambitious project that would drive change in the city.

The tender was submitted in January and, throughout the first quarter of 2023, we were hard at work designing and redesigning a prototype, making sure the council were informed and happy every step of the way. We would eventually give demonstrations of the unit that would ultimately award us the tender, entering a 5-year contract to help bring change to Glasgow.

The Bin Hub

Because the bin hubs live outdoors, we manufacture them using hot-dipped galvanised steel. Used for a lot of our litter bins, this provides excellent rust and corrosion-resistance, increasing durability and providing longevity. Each bin comes with its own specific QR code, allowing operatives and the public to report any issues with the unit.

The bins themselves are provided by the council, but they’re securely fastened using a high-security lock that is often used for garages. These are internally fitted so as to not allow tampering, and with discreet and unrecognisable key access, they are difficult to access with picking tools. We knew this type of lock was effective because it’s the same lock we use for our successful Knife Amnesty Bin, where vandal and break-in resistance is absolutely essential.

Artwork was a pertinent part of the design process. Instead of a plain design, the council were eager to have artwork that represented the town’s rich history with beautiful, Victorian imagery, allowing these bin hubs to really come to life. Further artwork was applied to each unit, signifying what type of litter goes in which bin to promote correct waste segregation.

The Outcome

As we come to the end of 2023, the launch of the Glasgow bin hub project has been a huge success. The trial began in the streets of Pollokshields that now hold 75 bin hubs. We’ve delivered another 25 to Haghill, and the near future will see us manufacturing and providing several more.

Thanks to the initial success of the project, we’ll be launching these bin hubs as a new, standalone product on our website in the near future. More news on this will come shortly!

If you’d like to find out more about the Glasgow bin hub project or the units themselves, you can get in touch with our sales team by calling 01226 744010 or by emailing [email protected].

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