Wybone introduces new improved, Strobe Recycling Bin

January 17, 2015

Our Multi-Sensory, talking recycling unit was launched earlier this year and was the first of its type in the recycling industry.

Since then, we’ve been continuing to listen to our customer feedback and make even more improvements to our exclusive design.

The Strobe – which was initially designed for WRAP Cymru – is unlike any other recycling bin on the market.

Offering the user an interactive experience and setting out to improve recycling rates across Wales; it was well received by users and was proven to influence people to recycle more.

The new Deluxe Strobe Mark Two has improved solar panel positioning to maximise the energy collected from the suns rays.

A new sloping lid and south-facing gradient will increase solar exposure and help to power the units’ electronic components.

The unit is simple to maintain and easily accessible, with all electronic components kept in one self-contained, sealed, weather proof unit.

The new design also features Perspex aperture artwork for a smoother finish and to offer a more durable component when compared to the vinyl stickers.




The Strobe still maintains great features such as:

  • Transparent recycling panels to show the levels of the contents
  • Transparent liners on wheels for easy removal and emptying
  • Easy to use, side panel advertising
  • Audio system and braille information for visually impaired users
  • Clear text and LED lit panels for hearing impaired users
  • LED lit display which illuminates when an item passes through the aperture
  • Dot matrix to indicate how many cans / plastic bottles have been recycled
  • Integrated speaker activated by sensors in each aperture with messages such as ‘thank you for recycling your can’
  • 3 separate compartments – plastic bottles, cans and general waste
  • Vinyl print and transparent doors to help the user to identify where to dispose of their waste
  • Easy reach height for wheelchair users
  • Available in stainless steel or wood finish

To find out more about our Strobe Deluxe click here. Alternatively, we offer a Strobe Standard and a Strobe ECO option.