We’ve teamed up with NHS Trust Leeds to push sustainability in hospitals

March 27, 2017

We’re working closely with Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust to reduce the carbon footprint of hospitals around Leeds, and save money through steps such as improving recycling and saving energy.

We were in the Gledhow Wing at St James’s Hospital last week supporting the Estates team with their NHS Sustainability Day, and promoting their GRASP recycling campaign.

The strategy stands for be Green, Recycle, be Aware, and be Sustainable for our Patients.

We exhibited some of our products that will be sited in their hospitals, including the Lute Stream Double Recycling Bin.

It’s curved top section and vinyl artwork, means that waste streams are easily recognisable, which reduces the risk of rubbish being put into the wrong section.

Our new Cup Recycling Unit, designed to encourage the correct disposal of coffee cups was also on show at the event – after the revelation that an estimated 2.5 billion disposable cups are being thrown away in the UK each year!

Libby Moss, Sustainability Manager at the trust gave us some positive feedback about our new Cup Recycling Unit. “Wybone have worked closely with Leeds Teaching Hospitals and have provided the first Coffee Cup Recycling Bin which will be placed in the main Atrium Area in the Gledhow Wing at St James Hospital.

We think that it’s an excellent design to replicate a coffee cup, which should encourage people to recycle their disposable cups. From a housekeeping point of view, it’s easy to clean with stackable tubes for the coffee cups and lids. People also commented on the segregation, and the fact that the user can separate the lids, cups and liquids.”

The Cup Recycling Unit is manufactured from galvanised steel with a vacuum-formed plastic lid and features six internal cup collection tubes, with a separate liquid compartment that can be emptied independently.

Including Wybone, Costa, M&S, Daniels and BIFFA have also been supporting their campaign.

If you would like help with your recycling initiative, give us a call on 01226 352333 or email us

GRASP Campaign