Oxleas choose Wybone Mental Health Sackholders, again!

March 23, 2017

We’re continuing to support Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust, who have ordered an additional 200 sackholders with coloured waste stream lids that will be sited within their mental health estate.

The interest began when Oxleas trialled several of our Mental Health Sackholders in their medium secure units, which ultimately led to over 300 units being placed in the hospital and a contract to supply all mental health security bins. Lee Bolton, Facilities Manager from the Trust contacted us with feedback.

“Oxleas NHS Trust engaged Wybone on the back of an incident whereby a service user tried to swallow a black bin liner. We needed to remove all black liners from our mental health wards, however this caused numerous issues with infection control standards as well as budgetary constraints on constantly cleaning bins.

Wybone were able to use our current challenges to produce the mental Health Sackholder that we are now using in our Medium secure unit The Bracton Centre.

This sackholder allows us to use black bin liners but make them inaccessible to service users thus eliminating the risk. To date we have had no issues with the bin and are very happy with the product. We will also be looking to roll this out through the rest of our mental health estate.”

Oxleas are the first NHS Trust to purchase our Mental Health Sackholders with a range of coloured waste stream lids. Each colour signifies a different waste stream; including black for domestic waste, orange for infectious waste and tiger stripe for offensive waste. The coloured lids make it easier to identify the correct waste stream, where it can be disposed of safely.

Our Mental Health Bin is available with a 42 litre or 80 litre capacity; the smaller unit is ideal for placing in toilet areas or patient rooms. Whereas the 80 litre option is more suited to high volume waste areas such as busy wards and treatment areas.

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