Increasing patient safety in mental health units

July 25, 2017

According to a report by the Care Quality Commission (CQC), 40% of NHS mental health facilities are classed as ‘unsafe’.

The figures come after inspections carried out between 2014-2017, in which 40% of NHS services and 39% of private psychiatric units were classed either as ‘inadequate’ or ‘requiring improvement’ when it came to safety.

We’ve worked closely with a number of mental health organisations to offer a secure unit that doesn’t compromise on safety whilst still delivering a high level of infection and cleaning control.

Our Mental Health Bin has been designed for use in hospitals and clinical settings, where added safety and security is paramount. This sackholder is at home in mental health facilities, with several features that offer extra security whilst still maintaining a stylish design that fits comfortably in wards, patient rooms and clinical areas.

Manufactured from a combination of galvanised steel and aerospace grade ABS plastic, this sackholder functions through the foot pedal operated chute to ensure that rubbish can’t be retrieved once it’s placed in the bin.

The folded edges on the lid are used to completely cover the chute system and the inner waste bag.

Oxleas NHS Foundation Trust recently trialled several of our mental health bins which led to over 300 units being placed in the hospital and a contract to supply all mental health security bins. Lee Bolton, Facilities Manager from the Trust contacted us with feedback.

“Oxleas NHS Trust engaged Wybone on the back of an incident whereby a service user tried to swallow a black bin liner. Wybone were able to use our current challenges to produce the mental health sackholder that we are now using in our medium secure unit.

This sackholder allows us to use black bin liners but make them inaccessible to service users thus eliminating the risk. To date we have had no issues with the bin and are very happy with the product. We will also be looking to roll this out through the rest of our mental health estate.”

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