Clinical Waste Bins & Sackholders

Clinical waste bins are a critical part of our healthcare infrastructure, allowing for efficient and safe disposal of healthcare waste. Wybone’s clinical waste bin range is specifically designed with healthcare standards in mind, manufactured in the traditional clinical waste bin fashion and complying with all NHS legislative requirements.

Whether you’re a private medical business or an NHS GP, you’ll find a Wybone bin suited to your requirements. We can manufacture all sizes of units, able to hold waste volumes between 28 and 160 litres. Every model is tried and tested within a medical setting, meaning they possess the durability required for constant day-to-day use and are typically corrosion-resistant.

Depending on your needs, we have both duo side-by-side and single sack holders, in addition to hands-free and hands-operated options. You’ll find many of our clinical waste bins have an impressive selection of configurable features available on their individual product pages, allowing you to choose the perfect colour, design and functionality for your organisation or business.

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