Outdoor Litter Bins

The proper collection of litter is one of the leading ways we can help protect our environment, and improve it for the future.

At Wybone we strive to provide all sectors with a range of litter collection solutions to ensure all types of litter are collected and disposed of safely & correctly. Supplying to councils & local authorities, parks departments, education sectors, community groups, businesses, supermarkets & more, we have the right litter bin for you!

Our outdoor bins include galvanised steel, fibreglass & glass-reinforced plastic, wooden and polythene units. Galvanised steel products include our flagship MLB range, both standard and eco models, our circular MV/35 bin, which also comes in a triple large volume collection version, and the square Barnsley bin, named after our home town!

The GFC & GRP products include the RLA Range, featuring a glass fibre surround with wooden clad frontage, the classic LBV Range, giving a true Victoriana feel, and the new Heritage Contour Bin, part of the Heritage range and perfect for natural areas.