224 Litre Glass Fibre Composite Grit Salt Bin

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This 224 Litre Glass Fibre Grit Salt Bin provides a long lasting salt storage unit ideal for schools, residential areas and businesses.

What is a grit salt bin used for?
A grit salt bin is a weatherproof unit designed specifically to hold grit salt for when snow or icey conditions occur. Ideally placed on pavements and in car parks to give the public quick and convenient access to salt, helping to prevent accidents in dangerous travelling conditions.

What is this Grit Salt Bin Manufactured From?
This 224 Litre Glass Fibre Grit Salt Bin is manufactured using an exclusive technique established by Wybone almost 50 years ago. We are the only UK manufacturer using glass fibre composite to manufacture bins and storage units using our exclusive mix of glass fibre composite.

The grit bin has been expertly designed and is manufactured to exacting standards, using a lightweight wooden carcass which is encapsulated in 20mm high impact strength, glass fibre composite.

You can choose from three hardwearing, weatherproof paint finishes. Choose black or green if you’re looking for a grit bin that will blend in with its surroundings or our vibrant yellow finish to make it stand out.

A specially moulded plate is applied to the front of the unit which states (your choice of) GRIT or SALT. This enables users to identify the contents and stops people from trying to use it for depositing rubbish.

Is this grit salt bin weatherproof?
The special glass fibre process that is used for manufacturing these units incorporates numerous layers of materials that are built up over a long process, ensuring total weatherproof and a level of durability that is surprising considering the lightweight nature of the grit bin.

This unit is not impacted by wind, rain, sleet and snow, and due to the materials used, offers total corrosion resistance. This durable quality and aesthetically pleasing design means they can be left in-situ all year round – we may be biased, but we think they add character to outdoor areas.

How to maintain the effectiveness of grit salt
In order for grit-salt to be effective, it must be kept sheltered from rain and damp conditions. Grit salt is formed by adding rock salt to sand, giving it a lower freezing point of moisture on roads and paths. This stops ice from forming and causes existing ice and snow to melt.

This Victoriana Grit Bin design uses an overlapping lid to stop any liquid getting in to the unit and keeps the effectiveness of the grit salt. Over time this provides a more cost effective option as the grit salt can be securely stored without rain water washing it away.

How long will this glass fibre grit bin last?
This small grit bin requires little to no maintenance from its owner, making it an ideal choice for councils, schools, businesses and even private individuals. The rough surface of the bin keeps It protected from the elements but may encourage it to pick up dirt from time to time. In this instance, we advise simply washing it down with water.

All Wybone glass fibre products are built with longevity in mind. These grit bins are the toughest on the market and they really stand the test of time. We’ve seen grit bins in situ that have been in place for almost 20 years! This makes them a sound investment and ensures an excellent life span. In addition, should you decide you want to replace your Victoriana Grit Bin, we also offer a refurbishment service. We’ll bring your grit bin back to our head quarters and assess it, then give it the full Wybone special treatment and make it like new again, for just 50% of the cost of a brand new grit bin.

How do I fill / empty this grit salt bin?
This 224 Litre Glass Fibre Grit Bin is easy to use. Simply lift the lid to gain access to the inside for filling and emptying. Always replace the lid as soon as you’re finished in order to protect the contents.

How can I secure this grit salt bin?
To further protect the contents of the unit and to stop unwanted individuals from gaining access, you can opt for a hasp and staple to be fitted for use with your own padlock, or you can choose to add a budget lock.

Can this grit salt bin be easily moved?
Once you have filled your grit bin, it can become heavy and difficult to move. If you want to move it regularly, we would advise choosing our ‘fork lift runners’. This optional extra incorporates specifically designed fork lift runners to the base of the unit, allowing it to be easily moved when required.

How do I choose between an open or closed front?
Most of our grit bins come as standard with a closed front, as this is the best way to protect your grit salt. You can choose a front opening aperture to give easy access to the contents for users.

Where can I get grit salt and shovels?
We offer a range of salt bundles to suit your needs. You can buy bulk quantities of 250kg of grit salt, 500kg of grit salt and 1000kg of grit salt. You can also choose to buy grit salt as an add on when purchasing your grit bin. You can add bags of 21kg to your basket when building your requirements.

We offer a range of shovels, whether you’re looking for small or large and with or without a handle. Take a look at our shovel range here.

Is this SFG Grit Salt Bin available in other sizes?
This 224 litre Glass Fibre Grit Salt Bin is the smallest in our range of glass fibre grit bins; it is suitable for personal and commercial use and the slimline design is perfect for placing in residential areas. If you’re looking for something a little bigger, you can choose our 285 Litre Glass Fibre Grit Salt Bin or our large capacity 454 Litre Glass Fibre Grit Salt Bin. We also offer this unit in a stunning Victoriana style; take a look at our 224 Litre Victoriana Grit Salt Bin.


Capacity Height Width Depth Weight
224 litres 730mm 610mm 615mm 32kg

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224 Litre Glass Fibre Composite Grit Salt Bin

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